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Friday, December 3, 2010

An Exquisite Landscape

I arrived in Muscat on a Saturday night and on Sunday morning I started work. Until Thursday, my knowledge of Muscat was largely limited to whatever you can see out the car window between home and work. Thursday and Friday marked the weekend (the weekday is Saturday-Wednesday here) and luckily I got a chance to do some sight seeing. Between yesterday and today, I saw two of the most luxurious resorts in Oman (who knew 6-star hotels even existed), the sultan’s palace, a souq (market) in Muscat, and the Wadi Shab - one of the most beautiful and worthwhile destinations I've ever been to. The wadi is roughly like the Grand Canyon but with water cutting through the middle. I happened to wear my “Ithaca is Gorges” shirt today, so I naturally compared the wadi to the Ithaca gorges. We hiked over rocks and then swam to a small water-filled cave complete with a waterfall inside. I got a taste of Omani hospitality when a generous guy offered to be our “tour guide.” He was fantastic and made sure we enjoyed the cave to its full potential. This involved climbing up over some rocks and then jumping back in the water from a pretty decent height. For any Cornell readers, this was like gorge jumping in closed quarters. I was convinced to jump while holding hands with our impromptu guide. I figured that if I could not jump I did not deserve to continue wearing my Ithaca is Gorges shirt. Overall, the past two days have been great for seeing the absolutely gorgeous scenery of Oman. With mountains, beaches, and even a bit of greenery, Oman has all the elements you could hope to see in a landscape!

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  1. It sounds like your adventures are off to an exquisite start, Meg!! Thanks to Ithaca, I always have to think really hard when trying to spell the word 'gorgeous'.
    Wishing you all the best,